My 3 Great Experiences with Silverback Elektriker

Most people don’t think about the benefits of having a good electrician until they need one. It’s especially important to know who to call when you require emergency electrician service – having the lights or electrical heating system go out in your home is something you want to get fixed as fast as possible. It’s also very important to have a trustworthy electrician to call when you want to renovate an old house or add an addition to your current house, or if you’re looking to install additional ceiling lights or outlets. I have worked with numerous electricians before, but after calling Silverback Elektriker three times in the recent past, I have started using them exclusively whenever I need an electirican. The 3 experiences I have had with them all had a great outcome:

1. Emergency Electrician Service

This happened to me just last year. I was relaxing at home on the weekend when suddenly all of the lights in my house flickered and went out. I checked the fuse box, but the issue wasn’t there, and that was the extent of my limited expertise with home electrical wiring. So, I called and their service was prompt and effective. I had my lights back on and my heating working again in a matter of hours – when I called a local electrician in my town the previous time this happened, it took them over eight hours to show up, so I was very pleased with Silverback’s quick and diligent response to my need.

2. Renovating an Old Home

When I inherited my grandparents’ old house earlier this year, I really wanted to move in right away, but their electrical wiring was so outdated that I could hardly stand to live there. It was a grand old home, with a beautiful fire place and everything, but there was barely one outlet in each room. Modern life needs a lot more electrical outlets for all our appliances, light fixtures, and cellphone chargers, so I called in Silverback Elektriker to rectify this. They did a great job, and even came in under budget.

3. Moving Inner Walls in a Home

Later on, when I was living in that house, I decided that I would be happier if I broke down some of the interior walls to make larger rooms. This requires rerouting a lot of a home’s internal wiring, and Silverback Elektriker’s services helped me out greatly again.