Why You Should Invest With Amicus Invest.

Amicus invest is an investment plan that guarantees its clients a fixed return at the end of the agreed period. . Amicus Invest ltd is owned by Amicus foundation. Amicus investment limited was founded in 2011 and has its headquarters in Austria. At the moment Amicus Invest has two investment plans Amicus regular savings plan and Amicus single investment plan. Amicus investment Ltd records some of the highest interest rates in the market with their fixed rate currently standing at 8% at the moment. Every client who invests into either of the Amicus Investment products is sure to receive their returns at the collapse of the agreed period. At the end of every year Amicus investment donates half of its profits into charities chosen by the council.

Imagine putting your savings in an investment plan and earning almost ten percent out of it. Is it really possible? How does Amicus Invest make all the money enough to pay back its clients? Most people have these doubts every time. As a matter of fact, this is achievable .All the money deposited by clients across the globe is invested into the Amicus Global Income Fund on behalf of clients. These investments are made in several forms;

i) Interest generating instruments globally including consumer loans and corporate bonds
ii) Equities across the globe.

Some of these instruments like consumer loans for instance generate at least 12% interest annually. Out of the twelve percent earned, they are able to pay eight percent to clients while retaining a four percent profit margin. The investment of assets is made possible by the fact that Amicus Global Income Fund operates globally and clients from any country can invest with them irrespective of the currency they use – see http://www.justanswer.co.uk/finance/87nel-hello-need-advice-please-want-open-amicus.html . Anybody can sign up to Amicus investment including minors provided they are approved by a qualifying custodian. https://www.facebook.com/amicusinvest
has more information.

To open an amicus regular savings account you need a minimum of one hundred dollars while an Amicus Single investment plan needs a minimum of five thousand dollars or an equivalent amount in a freely tradable currency. One of the biggest advantages of Amicus invest is there are no other fees levied.

If you however wish to redeem your money prior to the collapse of the period stated in the agreement you will be charged based on your savings if in case the redemption is approved. You will also need to have provided a thirty day notice to redeem in advance. To read further on this, kindly visit our website. http://amicusinvest.com