Cycling As A Competitive Sport Now Has Wider Coverage Than Ever Before

Although it is said that obesity rates have been rising around the world, the strange thing is that the number of people taking part in sports and fitness programs has also increased. One sport that is proving more popular than most is cycling. This is probably due to two reasons. The first one is that bikes are very affordable these days, secondly, there are a lot of clubs around these days that organizes competitive races for those who like to test themselves against others. The benefits of joining a club are not only good from a competitive point of view, but the events are also very sociable.

People like Adolor Uwamu, who love cycling as a way of life, heave enjoyed the physical and social aspects of the sport for years. Most people will know about the Tour De France, the highlight of any cyclist’s career if they manage to win it, but unlike only a few years, many more cycling events are now shown on live TV. The tours of Britain, Italy and Spain all get shown on TV these days. Many road races in the US, and Asia are also available. Not only has TV brought many cycling events to the masses, the support for them has been amazing.

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If you watch any bike race, thousands of people will line the roads, and for those that pass through major cities, the depth of supporters can be many people deep. What participants, like Adolor Uwamu, would say were the major benefits of cycling, apart from the fitness, is being closer to nature. While out cycling you get to breath the fresh air, feel the wind on your face, and unlike in a car which speeds along, you can admire everything around you.