Simon Herrick Professional Career

Simon Herrick is one of the most experienced CFO having worked for a number of companies in different sectors. Some of the sectors he has worked in include; Food, FMGC, Franchising, Retail, Manufacturing, Technology, Charity, private Equity & Venture Capital. He has served a number of positions but has more years of experience in Group Finance Director (CFO).

Simon Herrick has also worked in different countries. He worked for 10 years in France in a number of companies before moving back to the United Kingdom. He learned to speak French fluently when he lived and worked there. He easily blended into the new culture and was a better position to deliver the best that he could.
Simon Herrick first started out his at Price Waterhouse as the Audit Assistant Manager in December 1985. He worked for Price Waterhouse for four years before moving to other organizations. He worked for several organizations between December 1989 and December 2000. During the 11 years, he worked in the United Kingdom, France, and Scandinavia. Some of the companies that he worked with include; Regus, Hays plc, Pepsico, Alcatel Alsthom.

He then moved back to the United Kingdom and joined PA Consulting Group where he worked from December 2000 – December 2003 before moving to Darty. He was appointed the Non-Executive Director of Darty where he served from December 2004 – January 2010. This is after he was appointed as the Group Finance Officer of Kesa Electricals Plc, which is owned by Darty. In January 2010, he left Darty and joined Northern foods in the same position for some time and later appointed as the acting CEO. He left Northern Food in June 2011. He later worked at Debenhams as the CFO in November 2011 to June 2011.

He has also been involved with a number of charity events. Some of the organizations he has been involved with  are; Stroke Association, British Heart Foundation and Help for Heroes. Other charity organization that he has been involved in are mainly the ones focusing on health and Disaster and Humanitarian Relief. For more information look at .